12 Meat-Free Recipes for Lent from ALDI

From fresh seafood to vegan-friendly meal options, let ALDI be your one stop shop for
affordable meat-recipes for Lent.

12 Meat-Free Dishes for Lent from ALDI

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As a Catholic, I have followed the tradition of no meat on Ash Wednesday or Fridays during Lent for as long as I can remember. However, there are many Fridays during Lent when I want to go beyond the usual cheese pizza or PB&J for dinner.


This is why I love the variety of fish-on-Friday-friendly products carried by ALDI.  ALDI offers fresh, high-quality seafood options that are simple, sustainable and won’t break the bank.


In fact, ALDI has everything I need to prepare Lent-friendly meals. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite Lent-friendly recipe ideas as well as tips about ALDI seafood.

12 Meat-Free Dishes for Lent from ALDI

Seafood Selection at ALDI

I’ve been a lover of frozen and smoked salmon from ALDI for the past few years. So last year when I discovered that they now offer FRESH Atlantic salmon, I was beyond thrilled! Because it is so affordable, fresh salmon from ALDI has become a regular ingredient on my weekly grocery list. However, it doesn’t stop at salmon! The fresh, never frozen fish selection at ALDI also includes tilapia and many more of your favorites.


Find both the salmon and tilapia near the fresh meat and poultry in the refrigerated section of the store every day. Often, I am able to find both plain and pre-seasoned varieties at various weights and sizes. This is nice since sometimes I might be cooking for just Brent and me and other times for the entire family.


Additionally, the Fremont Fish Market frozen line is committed to quality and sustainability. They offer responsibly sourced flounder fillets, jumbo cooked shrimp, beer battered cod fillets, scallops and more. With all of these varieties, you’ll always have delicious and affordable seafood dinner options from ALDI during Lent.


ALDI is dedicated to sustainably sourcing and buying all of its fish and shellfish products. If you’re interested in reading more, my friend, Sally, at Real Mom Nutrition gives you the full scoop so check it out!

12 Meat-Free Dishes for Lent from ALDI

12 Meat-Free Dinner Ideas for Lent from ALDI

ALDI has an array of foods to fit every lifestyle and budget. Here are a few of my favorite recipes that use ALDI products that are ideal for a meat-free dinner during Lent.

Seafood Main Dish Recipes:

12 Meat-Free Dishes for Lent from ALDI

Vegetarian Main Dish Recipes:

12 Meat-Free Dishes for Lent from ALDI

Vegetarian and Vegan Products

If you’re looking for a quick meal that is Lent-friendly and plant based, then check out the ALDI-exclusive Earth Grown line. These vegetarian and vegan products are free from meat, poultry and seafood and the vegan line is also free from substances produced by animals such as gelatin, dairy, honey and eggs. Be sure to try kale and black bean veggie burgers, vegan shredded cheese, chickenless patties and chickenless tenders.


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