14 Best Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Ideas from Instagram

Spread the lunchbox love by sending a Valentine’s Day lunchbox to school.


If you’re little ones are in school and you’re looking for a simple way to send your love, these 14 Valentine’s Day ideas from Instagram will certainly inspire. To find these Valentine’s lunchboxes, I searched popular hashtags like #valentinesdaylunch #valentineslunchbox and #lunchboxlove. These 14 lunchbox ideas are from the most talented lunchbox-packing parents on Instagram. Be sure to click on the link to each image to find out more about each unique lunchbox. From strawberry hearts and roses to blueberry bow and arrows to heart-shaped sandwiches, this collection of Valentine’s Day lunchbox ideas is sure to give inspiration for your little sweeties.

Once you’ve scrolled through the 14 ideas below, make sure to click on these hashtags for more ideas because new ones are being added daily.

14 Valentine’s Day Lunchboxes

Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas1. @weelicious

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Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas



Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

3. @holleygrainger


Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

4. @lunchbox.mom

Valentine's Day Lunchbox


5. @letsbentomama


Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

6. @so_cute_lunches


Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

7. @LunchboxMafia


Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

8. @lunchwiththe seasons


Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

9. @sylina_lunches

Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

10. @thepeacheepear



11. @landryslunches


12. @lunches_by_lindsey



13. @veggiesandvirtue


Valentine's Day Lunchboxes

14. @kids.eat.in.color


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