60+ Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids

Over 3 months of healthy lunchboxes for kids planned for you so whether you’re looking for summer camp lunch ideas or prepping for the fall, this dietitian mommy has you covered.

A new school year means a new lunchbox roundup! Pin this image now so you always have over 60 simple ideas on-hand.

60+ Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids from Holley Grainger

For Healthy School Lunch Packing Use The 80/20 Rule

I get it! Packing a healthy lunch that your kids will actually eat is a challenge BUT each meal and snack is another opportunity to fuel them with nutritious foods. Will every food be perfect or the gold standard in nutrition? No, absolutely not. I aim for a B average at best when I’m packing lunches. If 80% falls into the pretty-darn-good-for-them category AND they will eat it (because what good will it do in the garbage?), then I’m doing alright.

It is important to load their lunch with nutrient-rich foods to fuel their day. Lean meats, fruits, veggies, and low fat dairy will do just that! Scroll through to see some of our favorite combinations.

Keeping it Simple

As you scroll through Ellie and Frances’s lunchboxes, you’ll notice that none of them are earth shattering or unrealistic. In fact, I use the phrase “PRACTICAL, DOABLE, DELICIOUS” over and over when describing how we eat because I believe in making sensible food choices that focus on flavor and variety.

If you like what you see here and we aren’t connected yet, I post healthy lunchboxes for kids on my Instagram account every week. You can also follow along with them at #healthylittlelunchbox. Why do I not post one each day? Because I’m human and I make lunches at the last minute too despite my best efforts to plan ahead and we are often racing out the door before I can grab a picture. (I get it…I’m a REAL MOM too!)


60+ Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids

1. Strawberries, carrots, yogurt, graham crackers, dark chocolate chips

2. Watermelon, pirates booty, peanut butter sandwich, chocolate cookies, heart stickers

3. Fruit salad, green beans, rotisserie chicken, vanilla yogurt

4. Fruit salad, green beans, pirates booty, strawberry yogurt, gummy bears

1. Apple, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon Wafflewich, cucumbers, blueberries, mini bell peppers, yogurt

2. Strawberries, low sodium deli turkey, rainbow carrots, ranch dip, yogurt cover pretzels

3. Strawberry peanut butter sushi rolls , rainbow carrots, lettuce, hummus, cheese, sweet potato chips

4. Muffins, blackberries and strawberries, green beans, whole wheat pasta, frozen stickers

1. American fruit skewer (banana, blueberries, strawberries), half a hard boiled egg, carrots and ranch, s’mores (graham cracker, fluff, chocolate chips)

2. Sandwich (turkey, cheese cucumbers, carrots, drinkable yogurt, kiwi, stickers, note from mommy/ the dog

3. Wheat crackers and cheese, low sodium deli turkey, apples, graham crackers, yogurt

4. Fruit salad, fig newton, carrots and ranch, grilled chicken

1. Tortellini, green beans, oranges, rotisserie chicken, and stickers

2. Graham crackers, apple sauce squeeze, green beans, low sodium deli turkey, and noodles

3. Brown rice, cucumbers, hummus, grilled chicken, grapes

4. Apples, peanut butter, carrots, yogurt, pretzels

1. Greek yogurt squeeze, carrot stick, cucumber rounds, hummus, pineapples, and rolled low sodium turkey

2. Cottage cheese, oranges, pretzels, deli turkey, pomegranate seeds, stickers

3. Hawaiian roll turkey sandwich, Chex cereal, nectarines, cheese, stickers

4. Apple slices, babybel cheese round (with chocolate eyes and nose made out of the cheese wax), pineapples, whole wheat waffles, syrup, and turkey

1. Apple sauce squeeze, pistachio, gold fish, strawberries, and Double Chocolate Mini Muffin

2. Pancake and Peanut Butter Sandwich, watermelon, yogurt, hard boiled egg, Shredded Mini Wheat Cereal

3. Macaroni and cheese, grapes, strawberries, stickers, and chocolate chips

4. Tortellini with meat sauce, Greek yogurt tube, kiwi, jicama sticks, ranch

1. Couscous salad with veggies and feta, hard boiled egg, raisins, strawberries, stickers

2. Graham cracker, chocolate, dippable salad (ranch dressing, rainbow carrots, lettuce), Pirates Booty

3. Popcorn, grilled chicken, rainbow carrots, ranch dressing, strawberries, clementines

4. Sweet potato chips, corn and black bean salad, clementines, cheese, and turkey

1. Pirates booty, grapes, clementine, ranch dressing, green beans, baked chicken

2. (Orange Lunchbox) Sweet potato wedges, pasta shells, cheddar bunnies, clementines, fruit snacks

3. Watermelon, stickers, pretzel thins, fruit snack, rotisserie chicken

4. (White Lunchbox) Couscous salad, apples, yogurt, white chocolate chips, turkey

1. Chicken Nuggets strawberry hearts, Special K, cheese, ketchup

2. Grapefruit, rolled turkey, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins, cucumbers, ranch dressing

3. Banana Bread, honeydew melon, grapes, yogurt, note from mommy

4. Pretzel sticks, clementines, hummus, chicken, rainbow carrots, clementines

1. Strawberries, string cheese, hard boiled egg, ranch, rainbow carrots graham crackers, and ranch

2. (Valentine’s Lunch Box) Heart shaped turkey sandwiches, graham crackers, hummus, heart shaped cucumbers, bell peppers, marshmallow heart

3. (Breakfast Lunch Box) Chocolate Chip Pancakes, stickers, yogurt, grapefruit,

4. (Valentine’s Lunch Box) Pasta shells, heart coin and stickers, rotisserie chicken, clementines, strawberries

1. Snowman string cheese, pretzels, carrots, hummus, grapes

2. (White Out Lunchbox) Apples, chicken tenders, brown rice, white chocolate chips, yogurt

3. Snowflake pasta, Double Chocolate Mini Muffin, yogurt, grapes, stickers

4. Bib lettuce, rainbow carrots, strawberries, ranch dressing, yogurt, grilled chicken

1. Baked chicken tenders, veggie straws, raisins, ranch, yogurt

2. Corn, carrots, baked chicken tenders, cheese, carrots, ranch

3. Strawberries, pizza sticks, yogurt, rainbow carrots, and a sticker

4. Turkey, pretzels, cheese, grapes, marshmallows

1. Watermelon, turkey, Babybel cheese, ranch dressing, green beans

2. Turkey, bell peppers, ranch dresssing, yogurt, strawberries

3. Tortellini, strawberries, yogurt, candy, note from mommy

4. Cucumbers, ranch dressing, apple sauce, corn, raisins, ginger bread man sandwich

1. Honeydew, hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, pretzels, note from Mommy

2. Peanut butter sandwich on tortilla, hummus, cucumbers, yogurt, pomegranate, cheddar bunnies

3. Waffle, peanut butter, mandarin orange, yogurt, pomegranate

4. Apples, raisins, chicken, pretzels, ranch dressing

1. (White Out Lunchbox) Turkey, apples, pistachios, cake, cheese

2. Hard boiled egg, asparagus, cereal, hummus, berries

3. Plums, yogurt, chicken, ranch dressing, cucumber sticks

4. Turkey and cheese sandwich, raspberries, green beans, stickers (not pictured–smoothie)

1. Fig newtons, hummus, carrots, sticker, turkey roll ups

2. Tortellini, hard boiled egg whites, green beans, apples, chocolate chips

3. Turkey and cheese skewers, yogurt, sticker,  watermelon, oatmeal raisin cookie

4. Clementines, fruit squeeze, pretzels, cheese, pasta noodles

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