A Clever Idea for Making Homework Fun

Want to make change happen? Want to spark creativity and imagination? Step outside of the box and try something new. This is especially true for our family when it comes to helping our kids get their homework done!Now you may be thinking, “First grade homework? Come on! What’s really so tough?” I know. I agree! However, finding the perfect time to get homework done between when the final school bell rings and when the kids go to bed is often quite a feat! Brent and I have had serious conversations about which is more important for the girls on any given night…a shower or spelling words.

So what’s a mom to do to make sure everyone is excited to carve out time for homework? Get creative, get clever and find a way to make it fun—that’s what she does!

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Make Homework Time Deliciously Creative

Breaking the routine and trying something new even if it involves some serious first grade math like “doubles plus one” or “subtraction through addition” is the first way to shake things up to ensure work gets done while having fun.

Lately, despite some rain and a bit of mud, I’ve been setting up Snack School in our playhouse for the girls to do their work. My reasoning is that it allows me to combine afterschool playtime that’s always filled with creativity and imagination, plus Mommy time, homework time and snack time. It’s a big bundle of fun for everyone involved.

The results of my little experiment? Nutritious snacking, lots of giggles, and a whole lot of work done! Talk about a win for all!

Healthy Snacking and Homework Success

Tasty Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Here’s one way to help fuel your children’s appetite for play and learning while providing a nourishing snack…offer one of the four different varieties of IMAG!NE. These snacks are the perfect size for little hands to work with and work equally well as a “counter” for math problems. And really, what’s more fun when you’re learning subtraction than to be able to EAT the counter! And even better when it is great tasting! Let me tell you, subtraction has now become a favorite part of our “Snack School” routine. Those equations always garner major giggles from the girls – keep reading to see how I test their math skills while feeding their imagination and tummies!

Have you tried IMAG!NE yet? They’re brand new and are now available online and at your favorite retailers nationwide. Plus, they’re bite-sized in fun shapes, made with real ingredients like cheese or yogurt, are Non-GMO Project Verified and contain no artificial colors or flavors. As a mom dietitian, they get a thumbs up from me nutrition-wise as well. Here’s the scoop:

Snacks in the After School Math Playhouse

IMAG!NE Yogurt Crisps: Apple Cinnamon and Mixed Berry

  • with the first ingredient being real yogurt
  • 4 grams of protein and 8 grams of whole grain per serving
  • a good source of calcium

IMAG!NE Cheese Stars: White Cheddar Cheese and Parmesan

  • with the first ingredient being real cheese
  • 6 grams (and a good source) of protein per serving

Make Homework Fun

I would love for you to give them a try and tell me what you think! We love them all but are particularly crazy for the Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Crisps and White Cheddar Cheese Stars. And if you want to try out some math problems, here’s an example of what we do:

We’ll take the IMAG!NE Yogurt Crisps and create addition problems that add up to or around 19 (the serving size of the yogurt crisp flavor). This way I can be assured that when my girls eat them, they are getting a good source of calcium!

Then on other days we’ll work on subtraction with IMAG!NE Cheese Crisps. We’ll do problems that get to the total of or around 26 (the serving size of the cheese crisp flavor), so that the girls have a great snack that is a good source of protein!

The fun shapes allow the girls to “imagine” what they are counting – sometimes it’s stars and they are astronauts, and other times they might be sea shells and they are mermaids! You never what kids will think of!

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Clever Ideas to Make Homework Fun from Holley Grainger

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