After School Conversation Starters Printable

Get your children talking with this FREE After School Conversation Starters Printable filled with 20 interactive questions and 2 bonus snack recipes to make together.

Tired of getting “fine” when you ask your children how their days at school went? Me too! That’s why I’ve created 20 conversation starters to get your children talking after school. These open-ended questions range from what made them laugh that day to their favorite thing they ate at lunch. Plus, the questions are organized in a grid so you can cut them out, place them in a bowl and turn it into a game. (Because we all want to pepper them with questions but this way it seems less obvious!)

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FREE After School Conversation Starters Printable PLUS 2 Bonus Yogurt Recipes

After School Conversation Starters Free Printable


Bonus Recipes

As a bonus, I’m sharing 2 yogurt after school snack recipes, one sweet and one savory, to make and enjoy after school while chatting about the day. 

12 Kid-Friendly Yogurt-Based Snacks for After School - Pumpkin Trifles

Once you try these bonus recipes and realize how much you love them, be sure to check out more after school snacks made with yogurt: 12 After School Snack Ideas Featuring Yogurt 

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What’s your best tip for getting your children to open up after school?