No-Cook Chocolate Covered Cherry Pies

Cherry season is almost over so now is the time to enjoy the last of the fresh cherry crop with these Chocolate Covered Cherry Pies. They are a fun twist between a s’more and pie and sure to be a family favorite! Because the temperature is scorching this summer and because when we get a craving for something sweet we need a quick-fix, I created a simple, no-cook dessert that my family loves. And really, who says easy recipes can’t be delicious (especially when one of those ingredients is chocolate)?

These Chocolate Covered Cherry Pies are a family favorite dessert or snack made by smearing half of a graham crackers with whipped cream cheese and then topping with fresh cherries and melted dark chocolate. That’s it. Really. I know, is it even a recipe? I say yes!! If you want to get fancy you can blend it up into a smoothie (that doesn’t really sound good…) or make it a double doozy/cherry pie sandwich by adding another graham cracker and freezing or you could chop it all up and stir it into ice cream (there’s an idea…) but, at the end of the day, why not just enjoy this basic flavor pairing and the fact that it takes only a minute to make.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Pies are a fun cross between pie and a s'more--and so delicious!Click To Tweet


The Recipe Redux

The theme for The Recipe Redux this month is “A Vacation Inspired Recipe” where we are challenged to recreate a favorite recipe from a trip into a healthier version. I recently moved and have been unpacking boxes and found a note and blanket that my Aunt Von crocheted for Ellie. It has been packed in a container in her closet for the last few years and since she rediscovered it, she has been dragging it around our house. But how does this relate to a vacation? Well, Aunt Von lived in Traverse City, Michigan, when she was alive and Traverse City just happens to be well known for their cherry orchards

I had the opportunity to visit Aunt Von years ago and we feasted on fresh cherries. While I don’t remember specifics of what we ate, I do know that every time I see fresh cherries, I immediately think about Aunt Von and wonder if they cam from Traverse City.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Pies

If you didn’t catch the video at the top of this post on how to make these Dark Chocolate Cherry Pies, the method is really a cinch. Here’s a great mom tip…to pit fresh cherries, push a toothpick or pastry bag tip through the bottom of the cherry. It pops out the pit while leaving the flesh. Plus, it is a fun activity for the kids!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Pies
Makes 2 servings

2 sheets graham cracker
1/4 cup whipped cream cheese
1/2 cup chopped fresh cherries, pitted
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips, melted

Half graham cracker sheets and spread each square evenly with cream cheese. Top evenly with fresh cherries and drizzle with melted chocolate. Enjoy immediately.



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