Clever Halloween Lunchbox Ideas for Kids and Kids at Heart

I’ve unleashed the flying monkeys to bring you 13 clever Halloween lunchbox ideas for kids. From hot dog worms
to fruit vipers, there’s something in here to light up your zombie brain to help make a Halloween
lunchbox something spookily special.

Holley Grainger's Spooky Spider Sandwich and Halloween Lunchbox

Halloween Lunches

I don’t know if it’s just me, but an empty Bentobox feels like a blank canvas must to a painter. I can’t wait to unleash my creativity by tucking in foods that will bring a smile to my girls’ faces and fuel them through their busy days. So when October finally arrives, I’m ready to roll out all those Halloween lunchbox ideas that have been percolating for weeks. In fact, I’ve seen and been working on so many fun ideas lately, Ellie and Frances may get a week of Halloween lunchboxes instead of just a day’s worth. Who knows, maybe my husband and I will even get one? 🎃

Before I unleash the flying monkeys to bring you 13 Halloween lunchbox ideas for kids below, I’d just like to offer a few tips. First, build your lunchbox around something substantial, especially if it’s the day of Halloween. You’ll want your little ones full of protein, fiber and slow burning carbs to get them through their parades and parties without bringing on the witching hour. Here are some ideas for what to include: One of my three Spooky Spider Sandwiches, a quick and easy Mummy Pizza, or these wriggly Hot Dog Worms

Second, the moms and dads in the lunchbox blogosphere are seriously talented, but don’t think you have to nail it for real to make a Halloween lunchbox your kid will love. Small decorations, prizes, stickers and notes can dress up your child’s ordinary favorites without you having to make little pumpkin petit-fours. Just a few stickers or a marker can turn a banana into a Dracula, transforming a plain lunch into a Halloween adventure…and giving you a little part in their special day.

Watch Holley share some of her favorite Halloween treats on Atlanta and Co.

13 Clever Halloween Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Halloween Lunchbox Ideas from Holley Grainger, with Sharpie Jack-o-lantern orange

1. @holleygrainger

And Ellie and Frances’ hopeful suggestion: 

Proposed candy lunchbox from Holley Grainger's kids

13. @holleygrainger (Day after Halloween Lunchbox according to my kids. Nice try!)


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Clever Halloween Lunchbox Ideas for Kids, from Holley Grainger

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