Cold winter weather calls for a warm, rich soup loaded with vegetables like this lightened Creamy Potato Soup. I’ve partnered with fairlife ultra-filtered milk to share my twist on their delicious recipe for Cream of Potato Soup both here on this blog and on WBRC Fox 6 Good Day Alabama (segment to be added ASAP). Thanks so much to my friends at fairlife for sponsoring this post and my segment — I love working with you!

There are so many things that I adore about this soup especially how many vegetables it has like carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and (obviously) potatoes. Many traditional potato soups skip those first 4 veggies and only go with potatoes. The dietitian and mom in me is nodding and smiling in approval because I am always trying to add more vegetables to just about anything and everything I make. (Mom confession: we STRUGGLE to get veggies in the girls!)


I doubled the carrots, celery, and onion in my recipe for a bigger boost of nutrition but kept the same amount of potatoes (both Russet and Yukon Gold). Oh, and just a quick note on the potatoes….russet potatoes are very starchy, white and fluffy, absorb alot of moisture, and usually don’t hold their shape in soups making them a good thickener in this cream soup. Yukon Gold are a medium starch potato, are waxier so they’re likely to hold their shape, and have a thin skin (so no need to peel).

But, even better than finding a way to add more vegetables is just how easy it is to make it an extremely rich and creamy soup by using fairlife ultra-filtered 2% milk. Thanks to its one of a kind filtration process, fairlife boosts the natural protein and calcium in milk and reduces the sugar. Plus, it is lactose-free which is a huge bonus for people who are unable to eat cream-based soups. Potato soup often calls for butter, cream, and/or half and half to make it rich but fairlife ultra-filtered 2% milk was all I needed to make it completely luscious. Couple the creaminess of the milk with a broth + flour slurry to thicken the soup and we have a winner!