Savory Cucumber Canapés are a delicious appetizer or snack to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. These three recipes serve as a tasty pick-up appetizer, a simple bread swap for sandwiches/lunchboxes, or an afternoon snack. With seafood, vegetarian, and meat-lover varieties, every party goer will love these easy appetizers. 

3 Twists on Cucumber Canapés 

Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Dill Cucumber Bites

Savory Cucumber Canapés - 3 Ways

Smoked salmon is one of my all time favorite foods. I seriously go nuts when I hit a brunch buffet with smoked salmon, capers, cucumbers, and all the fixings! These smoked salmon cucumber canapés are a fun take on the lox and cream cheese. Plus, by creating individual servings you can keep portions and expenses in check. 

Simply slice an English cucumber into rounds (these are the long ones with no seeds) then top evenly with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Garnish with a sprig of dill for a pretty and flavorful finish. 

Hummus, Feta, and Tomato Cucumber Bites

Savory Cucumber Canapés - 3 Ways

No more double dipping when you serve these hummus and tomato topped canapés as an appetizer at your party. You’ll find it is impossible to not eat more than one! After cutting cucumbers into rounds (I like using English cucumbers for their thin peel), top with hummus and halved cherry tomatoes. Finish with feta cheese. These also make a delicious vegetarian lunch option!

Asian Chicken Salad Cucumber Bites

Savory Cucumber Canapés - 3 Ways

Packed with flavor, this twist on classic chicken salad lights up your lunchtime taste buds. I made some easy swaps such as peanut butter for mayo because it lends the same creaminess but offers more of an Asian flavor. I also added a bag of premixed kale, cabbage, and carrot salad to boost the nutrition and save time chopping veggies. However, if traditional chicken salad is more your style then you won’t be disappointed with my Balsamic Chicken Salad. Otherwise, don’t miss these Asian Chicken Salad Cucumber Bites! If you Cucumber canapés 


Have you ever served cucumber canapés? What toppings do you like?


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3 Twists on Cucumber Canapés, from Holley Grainger