Did you know there is a dark side of chocolate? 

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With Halloween and the holidays upon us, it is hard to not fall prey to the urge to indulge every time you have an open invitation to delight in a bag of chocolate candies. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not trying to be a fun sponge! I would NEVER say don’t enjoy a rich piece of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate every once in a while. I love chocolate just as much as the next person.


BUT, unfortunately, chocolate isn’t all it is cracked up to be from the “healthy food” point of view. While yes, it may do something for your mental health to satisfy a craving or give pleasure while eating it, but you likely aren’t reaping any health benefits.

Let me explain why….

Is Chocolate a Health Food?

I love milk chocolate but fell prey to the myth that darker chocolate equals more health benefits, so I reverted to very dark chocolate to get my daily fix. While a square of very dark chocolate is extremely satisfying and often has less sugar than a piece of milk chocolate, it isn’t the percent cocoa that makes the difference from a health standpoint. It is the cocoa flavanols that really matter. Unfortunately, the traditional cocoa processing used to make your favorite candy destroys most of these beneficial cocoa flavanols.


Numerous studies over the last few decades have demonstrated that when consumed daily, cocoa flavanols (a plant-based nutrient found naturally in cocoa) promote healthy blood flow from head to toe†, which is important for overall health. Cocoa flavanols work with your body to maintain healthy levels of nitric oxide, which helps maintain the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your organs and tissues. When oxygen and nutrients can make their way to your cells, your whole body – muscles, arteries, organs, and even skin – remain nourished, and can perform their best.


Did you know it would take 4 dark chocolate bars (roughly 700 calories and 47 grams of fat) to equal the amount of cocoa flavanols that you get in just one serving of CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement? CocoaVia® supplement is an easy way to enjoy the health benefits of cocoa flavanols (and the taste of chocolate that we all love!), without the fat and calories of traditional processed chocolate.

How to Enjoy Cocoa Flavanols Every Day

CocoaVia® supplement delivers the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols in a cocoa extract supplement today. Getting your daily dose of cocoa flavanols is just as easy as adding 1 CocoaVia® stick pack into a cup of coffee, milk, smoothie or bowl of yogurt.


Here are a few of my favorite recipes:


Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate has been a fall favorite of mine this month! The pumpkin spice lends a subtle sweet flavor, which pairs well with the CocoaVia® Dark Chocolate Unsweetened stick pack.


I drink chai tea regularly so blending my tea with milk, ice and a CocoaVia® stick pack to make this Chocolate-Chai Smoothie, a delicious afternoon treat.


Lastly, it’s easy to spruce up plain Greek yogurt by sprinkling in a CocoaVia® stick pack and serve with grated chocolate to make this Chocolate Yogurt.


So, how do you get your daily chocolate fix?


†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.