Dr. Oz: Spices and Mood

Tune in to the second half of The Dr. Oz Show this Friday, November 22, to watch my video clip about how spices (specifically cayenne) can boost your mood.

I was so thrilled to be contacted by The Dr. Oz Show to produce this special video right in my kitchen to share practical examples of how easy it is to incorporate spices into your diet. Since I’m in my 3rd trimester with Baby Girl Grainger, traveling has pretty much come to a halt so this opportunity was perfect for me. I also love that this baby will have equal billing on national TV since I was pregnant with Ellie when I was on Kathie Lee and Hoda and the CBS Early Show.

The clip is short–about 30 seconds–but is packed with tons of useful information. Make sure to tune in on Friday to watch the spot and then check back on the blog Friday afternoon for even more practical ways to incorporate cayenne into your diet.