Clean the grill with an onion–that’s right, it can be done! I love finding simple ways to do everyday things so this way of cleaning the crusted-on food off your grill seemed like the perfect find-of-the-day. I think everyone has a favorite method of cleaning their grill these days whether by using a ball of aluminum foil to scrub the grates to just a tried-and-true metal brush. However, even after working with The National Onion Association for over a year, I somehow missed the “onion method” for grill cleaning.

I love a good food/life hack and, of course, the idea of keeping metal grill brush slivers out of my food is also appealing, so I when I saw the suggestion for using the cut side of an onion to clean grill grates on Food Republic’s Hack of the Day, I dug a little deeper to see if others were trying this trick. They are and it is catching on as a “greener” and safer way to clean. Apparently, the moisture and acid from the onion breaks down the grime and helps to take the residue off a hot grill.

All you have to do to clean the grill grates is turn the grill on high (or fire up the charcoal) for a few minutes to warm up the grill. Then, spray the grates with white vinegar or lemon juice (the additional acid will help with the cleaning process) and firmly run half of an onion, cut side down, along the grates. Of course, remember that the grill is going to be HOT so use grill tongs or a heat-proof glove to hold the onion.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Do you have any other favorite methods? If so, I would love to hear them!