Friday Finds: Pomegranate Green Tea

Guest post: Elizabeth Yontz, nutrition student, Samford University

Happy Friday and I hope y’all have managed to stay dry and warm this week! Today I am very eager to share with you my Friday Find of… Pomegranate Green Tea! Just like most college students, I pretty much rely on caffeine for survival. Healthy? Maybe not. Honest? Definitely.

I like to hop around to different coffee shops to get my studying done because our library can get over-crowded and I love the change of scenery. Escaping campus makes me feel like a new person sometimes. It gives me that fresh bolt of energy I need to refocus.

This week I found myself at O’Henry’s Coffee Shop by Brookwood Mall. My go-to is typically a vanilla latte, but I’d already had three cups of coffee that day (don’t judge me) so I opted for something different. I ordered a cup of the Pomegranate Green Tea. I always hear about the many health benefits of green tea, but sometimes the taste just doesn’t do it for me! It’s a little plain for my taste buds, so this seemed like a better option.

The brand was The Republic of Tea and the ingredients were very simple. It contained green tea, hibiscus, natural flavors, and pomegranate juice. Anytime I can pronounce each ingredient on a food label I am much more inclined to try it.

I let the tea sit for about 2-4 minutes before tasting it. It’s important to do this if you want the full flavor. The pomegranate offered a sweet aroma, taste, and beautiful magenta color! With spring finally coming into full-force I love incorporating sweet, fruity flavors to my diet. I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty the tea was! It was just the right amount of sweetness — not bitter as green tea can sometimes be. The tea was very smooth and once summer hits I cannot wait to try this tea iced instead of hot!

Not convinced to try it yet? Let me share some possible green tea health benefits that might change your mind…

1. Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance

2. Full of Antioxidants that may lower risk of cancer May Protect Your Brain in Old Age

3. Kills Bacteria — Improves Dental Health and Lowers Risk of Infection

4. Lowers Risk of Type II Diabetes May Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

5. Helps You Lose Weight and Lower Risk of Becoming Obese

6. Helps You Live a Longer Life

If nothing else, maybe give green tea a try for those reasons.

Do you have a favorite flavor? I’d love a few more to try!