7 Fruit and Vegetable Hasselback Recipes

Give these 7 fruit and vegetable hasselback recipes featuring pears, apples, squash, zucchini, potato, sweet potato, and beets a try next time you’re making sides or dessert and want to impress dinner guest or just have a little fun in the kitchen.

Do you know how to hasselback? It sounds like a dance move from the 70s! But actually, the “hasselback” technique is when you take a single ingredient like a pear, apple, potato, or sweet potato and make vertical slices at very thin intervals cutting to but not through the other side. As the hasselback bakes, the layers being to spread and resemble an accordion or an armadillo leaving the perfect amount of space to drizzle butter, cream, yogurt, or other toppings.

Check out these 7 gorgeous and drool-worthy hasselback recipes:

Baked Hasselback Zucchini with Garlic via Yummily Yours’

Cinnamon-Oat HASSELBACK PEARS via Holley Grainger Nutrition

Hasselback Apples via Cooking Light

Hasselback Beets via HALSA Nutrition

Hasselback Carrots via My Paleo Marin


*This recipe was created by Deanna of Teaspoon of Spice and included as part of her Healthy Kitchen Hacks series calling the hasselback technique a “Knife Trick To Jazz Up Your Fruits & Vegetables.” Her version is a riff off of roasted carrots with green harissa from Cooking Light.

Hasselback Squash via The Grant Life


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