11 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Boost Protein at Breakfast

    1. Thanks, Lauren! The girls can be a little choosy so it is fun to think about what they might like that still delivers the nutrition they need.

  1. I am so guilty of plopping the kiddos in front of the tv with breakfast so i can run around like a mad woman packing school bags while simultaneously trying to brush my teeth. I am pledging to make more time for sitting at the table for breakfast, even if it means me getting up a teensy bit earlier to get my stuff together.

    These waffle flowers are so cute! I’m totally going to make these for the kiddos. Great post!

    1. I think we all do it despite our best efforts! We’ll have to encourage each other! I agree, I always so I’m going to get up a bit earlier but it certainly is difficult in the morning!

  2. I am curious….My 8yr old is so picky but would like most of these foods. He refuses hot lunch so I make it everyday. Do your girls eat cold mac & cheese, corn on the cob etc or does that lunch box keep that slot warm & fruits/yogurt cold?? He does not like the thermos for warm foods. It seems to dry everything out unless its soup or saucy. (Which he’s not a fan of.) I’m struggling with his pickines & he is gaining so much weight. Trying to help him be healthy. I attempt to force him to eat without pickiness but he will just go without until he can sneak a snack. Thanks for your time & post

    1. They do eat it cold. At their old school, the teachers would heat it but even then, the didn’t always choose that option. My daughter actually likes corn on the cob uncooked–go figure!!–so no problem there. I haven’t seen one like that yet but I sure would like to invent one! I would just continue to offer healthy options and if snacks are what he prefers then make some snack swaps to either make them less appealing or work them into a meal so that there is a variety of food. It’s a struggle–I get it! Hang in there!


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