My Favorite (Road-Tested) Halloween Class Party Ideas

Mix and Match these Halloween Class Party Games and Treats

Halloween is just about my favorite time of year, especially to be in the classroom. Yes, Boo'ing is a blast. And trick-or-treating is enchanting, even now that I'm an adult. But a Halloween class party filled with wriggling, giggling ghosts, witches, Captain Marvels and Alladins is so full of excitement there is nowhere else I'd rather be. (Okay, maybe Paris, but it's close!). 

Whether you're a seasoned Room Mom or a new recruit, it can feel like the pressure is on to pull off a Halloween class party that lives up to expectations. It has to be fun, magical, timely, and healthy enough that that the sugar burns off during the costume parade — so you hand the teacher back a classroom of actual kids rather than screaming banshees. 

Over the years with Ellie, and now with Frances, I've tried a variety of Halloween class party ideas, from crack-up games like the TP mummy, to wonderfully creepy, but sneakily healthy Halloween class party treats like frozen yogurt grape eyeballs and hot dog worms

As I was prepping for two Halloween class parties this year, I thought I'd pull together some of the best ideas I've found and share them with you. Below, I have 20 of the best classroom Halloween games, either road tested by me or by veteran moms I trust. There's something here for almost every age group and time allotment. Just pick one or two you like and pair them with a handful of my spooky treats for a Halloween class party they'll remember long after they've outgrown that adorable Pokémon costume. 

20 Best Halloween Classroom Party Games

The Mummy Wrap

(The Resourceful Mama)

Candy Corn Guess

(Party Game Ideas)

Pumpkin Bowling

(Mommy Poppins)

Grand Prize Game Cauldron

Fun 365 Oriental Trading

Sensory Box

(The Spruce Crafts)

Pin the Tail on the Cat

(Woman's Day)

Halloween Bingo

(Fun Squared)

Halloween Word Search

(Puzzles to Print)

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

(Naturally Frugal Mom)

Witch Hat Ring Toss

(Kiwi Co)

Find the Candy in the Whipped Cream

(Easy Whip)

Marshmallow Toss


Bean Bag Toss

Into a monster, pumpkin buckets, etc.

Cookie Decorating

(Southern Living)

Ghost Lollipops Craft

(The Spruce)

Mini Golf

Put Into a pumkin's mouth

Pumpkin Decorating Station


Find the Eyeball in the Haystack

Decorate a bin of hay and use chocolate balls for eyeballs

Pair these classroom game ideas with...

Holley's Healthy Halloween Class Party Treats

(All except Boo Bags are Nut-Free Snacks in case your Classroom is a Nut-Free Zone. For Boo Bags, just omit the pistachios!)

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Easy Halloween Class Party Ideas from Holley Grainger

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