Healthy 5-Minute Lunchbox: October 29

October 29, 2013 Healthy Lunchbox

When it comes to lunch, I’m very lucky that Ellie will eat leftovers. I’m even more lucky that every few weeks my dad goes on a grilling spree and will cook up pork tenderloin and chicken for us to eat during the week. I’ll freeze anything we don’t eat and pull it out on the weeknights when the cupboard and fridge are literally bare.

Last night was one of those nights that we pulled out the pork and got creative making barbecue sandwiches. I left some out for Ellie’s lunch and paired it with her favorite, hummus, for lunch today. As you can see from the photo below, she didn’t want to wait until lunch to eat her “meat” and “dip dip.”

Ellie sampling her lunch

Today’s 5-minute lunchbox:
Pork tenderloin
Cheese (Note: Ellie had a treat today. She had some of the cheese Cabot sent me from their new Legacy collection to sample. DELISH!)

Throw away Report:
Only some of her grapefruit came home. In fact, I threw a squeezie in there for safe measure and she ate that too. She ate the grapefruit and drank the rest of her milk after school before heading home. (Yes, those of you that drove by the church, that was us having a picnic on the front benches.)

Disclaimer: Cabot Creamery is a client of mine but I was not compensated for mentioning their cheese in this post.