Healthy 5-Minute Lunchbox: October 1

Ellie’s Lunchbox: October 1

I was aiming to hit all of the food groups in today’s lunch so I raided the pantry and fridge to find what I could. Thankfully, there was 1 slice of turkey left, some leftover cantaloupe, sample bags of Funley’s Wholly Granola Clusters and a veggie squeezy.

Ellie is obsessed with “ai-gs” (eggs) so while it isn’t Easter, I tried to add a little color to her lunchbox. I definitely need to hit the store for more groceries, fall/Halloween napkins and some more stickers to share with her friends at lunch.

Today’s 5-minute lunchbox:
1-ounce slice low-sodiume turkey (I like Boar’s Head)
1 cheese square (I like Cabot and Land O’Lakes)
1/4 cup cubed cantaloupe
4 Funley’s Wholly Granola Peanut Butter Clusters
1 Happy Baby Pear, Pea, and Green Bean Squeezy

Throwaway report: 100% eaten!