Healthy 5-Minute Lunchbox: October 28

October 28, 2013 Healthy Lunchbox

I was out of town most of last week so I gave myself Thursday and Friday to take off from logging lunchbox pictures. I definitely learned that when I’m not planning ahead and thinking about what I’m going to pack for Ellie’s lunch, I certainly slack off. I found myself both Thursday and Friday mornings, throwing random food into her lunchbag as we ran out the door. I think her lunches turned out fine, but still, it was much more stressful than I prefer in the morning.

So lesson learned, by planning ahead–even just a little–I can keep mornings peaceful and (relatively) sane. I think I’ve said this before but my goal is to start making lunches a few days ahead. I certainly don’t want things to go bad or get soggy but if I can cut up extra fruit that won’t brown, etc. and keep it on-hand, then my 5-minute lunchbox assembly will be cut down even more. It’s all about saving time and effort for me these days!

Today’s 5-minute lunchbox:
1/2 chicken finger (leftover)
Fruit salad made from 1/2 banana (leftover), grapes (leftover), pineapple (leftover)
Green beans