Healthy 5-Minute Lunchbox: October 9

October 9, 2013 Healthy Lunchbox

I made this lunchbox on Sunday since I was headed out of town and, thankfully, it held up beautifully. I’m inspired now to try to make lunch for Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday on Sunday night and lunch for Thursday and Friday on Wednesday night. I think packing lunch two times per week versus five might make life a bit less stressful. I’ll keep you posted on how this idea plays out.

Today, Ellie’s lunch is a whole wheat tortilla rolled up with hummus, low-sodium turkey and cheese. I paired with grapes, a fruit/veggie squeezie, and milk.

Today’s 5-minute lunchbox:
1/2 whole wheat tortillas layered with 1 Tbsp. hummus, 2 slices turkey and 1/2 slice cheese
1/2 cup grapes
1 fruit/veggie squeezie

Throwaway report: Daddy said only 1 turkey spiral came home so glad to see she liked it! I would have loved to watch her eat the roll-ups. I’m guessing she unrolled each one!