Healthy 5-Minute Lunchbox: September 30

Ellie’s Lunchbox: September 30

Ellie’s very into foods that she can pick up with her fingers. I try to vary the shapes, sizes, and variety for color. Because vegetables are always a challenge, I had luck recently with her eating lentil sprouts (“balls” as she calls them). Since she’s going super healthy with the sprouts today, I thought I would throw in some treats like the graham crackers and stickers.

Because these containers are small, it is sometimes hard to get a feel for portions.

Today’s 5-minute lunchbox:
2 tbsp chopped grilled chicken
3 tbsp sliced grapes
1 tbsp sprouts
1/2 graham cracker

Throwaway report: most of the sprouts came home. Her teacher told me that she was throwing them and bouncing them on the table. On the bright side, at least she was willing to touch and interact with them. Will definitely try them again since I know she has eaten (and liked) them before. I bet the stickers and graham cracker were too distracting. Can’t say that I blame her…