Healthy School Lunchboxes: A Yearlong Adventure

Packing a healthy school lunchbox filled with a variety of nutritious, satisfying and hydrating options is so important to me. While my preschool and mothers’-day-out lunchboxes for Ellie and Frances may not always be works of art like what you often see on Pinterest (although I may throw in a few VERY simple and fun ideas here and there), I can promise to share inspiration through a variety of tasty ingredients and delicious recipes.

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Right now, everyone is hyped about back-to-school so if you’re a pinner like me, this is the time to gather, pin, print, plan, etc. lunchbox printouts, snack lists, etc. for the rest of the year. Once September is over, bloggers and Pinterest will be moving on to the holidays but just like you, I’ll still be packing lunchboxes (day, after day, after day…). Make sure to stay with me this year either on the blog or through my social media accounts (like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) to see what I’m sending each week. Better yet, let’s get the dialogue going so we can continue to inspire each other because I so know and agree that after days, weeks, months, and even years of packing lunchboxes, the fatigue sets in. Also make sure to search/follow the hashtag #healthylunchbox in case you ever miss a post.

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If you’re on periscope, let me know! I just joined and have been toying around with it but plan to start some lunchbox packing periscope parties soon and want you to be a part!

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Cheers to a delicious and prosperous school year filled with yummy and healthy lunchboxes.

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