Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

When you want a quick ice cream fix, all you need is 10 minutes a few simple ingredients
and a whole lotta shakin’.

Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

*More recipe details coming but for now, I want to have basics up so you can follow along with our Virtual Snack Date and enjoy your own ice cream!

No Churn Ice Cream in a Bag

1/2 cup whole milk, cream or half and half*

1 – 2 Tbsp granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

Ice (3 to 5 cups)

Salt – Rock salt or kosher salt preferred (1/4-1/2 cup)

Toppings of your choice (strawberries, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauce…)

  1. Add milk, sugar and vanilla to a small zip-top bag (preferably sandwich bag size) and seal. If you would like to make a flavored ice cream, add at this time (ie. mint extract, cocoa powder, etc).
  2. Add ice (around 3-5 cups) and salt to a gallon-size zip top bag.
  3. Place sealed milk bag inside of the large bag of ice/salt and seal. 
  4. SHAKE!!! Shake for 5 to 10 minutes or until the milk freezes to make ice cream. When ready to eat, remove inner bag and quickly rinse in cold water to avoid salty water dripping into the ice cream. Spoon into a bowl and enjoy with our favorite toppings.

Note: The outside baggie will begin to sweat and become quite cold. Consider making this snack/dessert outside as salty condensation from the outer bag tends to fly around during shaking. 

*I have not tried it yet but I have referenced nondairy versions and have seen people have success making ice cream in a bag with coconut milk. We’ll give this option a try soon and keep you posted!