Kick off a new year with a steaming bowl of New Years Hoppin’ John with Greens for good luck, health, wealth, and prosperity

Hoppin’ John with Greens

When I was younger, my aunt and uncle hosted a big New Year’s Day bash. My Uncle Dub made giant pots of jambalaya as well as smaller, separate pots of black-eyed peas and greens for guests to enjoy. I remember that I could eat my weight in my Uncle Dub’s jambalaya! Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite say the same for the black-eyed peas and greens. Wow! I was missing out because I LOVE them both now. I do remember though that we were required to eat at least a bite of each (black-eyed-peas and greens) for luck, prosperity, and good health.

hoppin john with greens

Fast forward many years and I finally realized what I was missing. As a nod to so many wonderful memories with my uncle (who is no longer here with us), I want to share my simple New Years Hoppin’ John with Greens recipe with you. Now you to can all of you can also have prosperity, health, and wealth in the new year!

Happy New Year!!

Do you have a special recipe or food that you like to make on New Years?

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Hoppin John with Greens from Holley Grainger