How to Host an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

Host an easy, stylish and affordable New Year’s Eve party complete with a bubbly bar, gourmet cheese, and fine chocolates. I’ll show you how!

Thanks to ALDI for sharing the love and sponsoring my TV segment and this blog post. I love being able to share the best ALDI picks (aka my obsessions) with you to make life so much more delicious!

The holidays are all about celebrations, and you should be able to savor every joyous, frenzied moment (without stressing about the toll on your bank account…). That’s why I’ve partnered with ALDI to share my favorite seasonal products and recipes that are ideal for serving at any type of gathering but won’t break the bank. Hopefully, these ideas will make the remainder of the season easier, simpler, more convenient, more affordable and more fun.

While your wallet may cringe at the idea of hosting yet another party, I am here to assure you that you can absolutely throw a fun, festive, and AFFORDABLE New Year’s Eve party that won’t break the bank. In fact, these ideas are simple and can feed a crowd for not much money at all. In my segment on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama, I show how to serve award-winning alcohol, gourmet cheeses, flavorful dips, and high-quality chocolates for less.

BubblY Bar

Nothing says New Year’s Eve to me more than a Bubbly Bar. I’m a huge fan of bubbles in any form (sparkling wine, Prosecco, sparkling grape juice, club soda….) because they just make me happy and make things more festive. When entertaining, I like to set up “bars” (check out my Dessert Crostini Bar) to allow my guests the freedom to customize what they want to eat or drink. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to offer a wide variety and just let people fend for themselves. It’s a win-win because they get to eat or drink what they like and I have more time to mingle!

To set up a Bubbly bar, select a variety of sparkling wines and sparkling waters then offer 2 to 3 juice mixer options such as cranberry juice, orange juice, peach nectar, or pear juice. I like offering juice because you can use what you have on hand, it allows people to create their own signature cocktails and it cuts back on the amount of alcohol consumed since most glasses are filled with 1/2 bubbly and 1/2 juice. Offer an array of options with simple and seasonal stir-in’s like pomegranate arils, cranberries, and raspberries.


Gourmet Cheese Plate

Cheese is something that many people skip because fancy cheeses can be quite pricey and can get expensive in a hurry. I love purchasing my cheeses at ALDI because they have an amazing variety of unique types and flavors that are very affordable.

Estimate 1-11/2 ounces of cheese per person for a cheese platter.Click To Tweet

As a rule of thumb, estimate 1 to 11/2 ounces of cheese per person. People often overbuy cheese for parties which is where the main expense comes in. It is also fun to offer variety so choose cheeses from different sources as well as different textures. For example, in this segment I served a manchego (semi-hard/sheep), cheddar (semi-hard/cow), and goat cheese (soft/goat). If you want to add a hard cheese, go for gruyere or parmesan–mmm! Add in fresh fruit, dried fruits, olives and nuts with a basket of crackers for a beautiful display that doubles as an appetizers and a dessert.


Gourmet Chocolate

Skip the pie baking and cookie decorating and pick up a variety of delicious German chocolates. Walk the aisles at ALDI to find your favorites! All of these cookies were purchased for just a few dollars and each one has a unique and special flavor and texture. I had to hide them from the girls because they wanted to attack the box before my TV segment! Also look for small pick up chocolates like the Specially Selected Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews and English Toffees.

What suggestions or thoughts do you have for how to entertain on a budget?