How to Be a Morning Person

If you’ve ever wondered how to be a morning person, then you’ll want to check out what I’m sharing today to help get you up and moving.

The world seems to be divided into two types of people: those that are morning people, and those that are not. Doesn’t it seem that some people are just born with the innate ability to wake up in the morning well rested, refreshed, and ready to conquer the world, while others of us can’t even make it to work or the carpool line on time without a giant coffee stain down the front of our shirt?
For those of you that fall in the second half of that statement, fear not! While stress-free mornings may be second nature for some, there are several habits, techniques, and hacks that the rest of us can adopt to little by little, become more of a morning person.
While we all know the importance of getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep a night, below are six additional tips to help you become a morning person, along with some real-life hacks that fellow Registered Dietitians and health professionals utilize in their own lives to make mornings a little less painful.

1. Have a morning routine

  • Even if it’s something as simple as having coffee in the same chair every morning, having a routine that you follow every morning can help get your mind on the right track for the day.
  • Abbey Sharp of Abbey’s Kitchen starts off her morning by splashing her face with cold water.
  • Katie Caputo Serbinski recommends having any type of routine, even if its just a simple cup of coffee before tackling a to-do list, showering or making breakfast, can be calming.
  • “I go for a 15-20 minute walk, then it’s a glass of water, coffee, and breakfast and I’m ready for the day!” – Amber Ketchum of Homemade Nutrition
  • For Courtney Stinson, Betsy Ramirez and Andrea Greenberg Venture, a giant cup of coffee is always part of the morning routine


2. Plan ahead

  • Making breakfast like Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats and or packing a lunchbox the night before, setting the coffee pot to automatically start, or having all of your breakfast bowls and utensils laid out are all ways to save precious minutes before you head out the door for the day.
  • Lauren O’Connor of Nutri Savvy Health and Abbey Sharp both swear by having breakfast prepped and ready the night before, making it easy to grab and go with minimal effort.
  • Shannon Aleise Garcia of Lone Star Nutrition recommends setting the coffee pot on a timer so it’s ready and filling the kitchen with its aroma in the morning.


3. Move first thing in the morning

  • Going for a short walk, doing a quick stretch or yoga series, or completing a couple minutes of bodyweight exercises like lunges or pushups are sure ways to get your blood flowing, heart pumping, and mind acclimated to get the day started off on the right foot.
  • Lauren Harris-Pincus of Nutrition Starring YOU and Elizabeth Shaw of Shaw’s Simple Swaps both like to get their blood flowing by setting a routine to do a few pushups, squats, or planks first thing in the morning.
  • Try getting some fresh air at the same time! Amber Ketchum goes for a quick 15-20 minute walk first thing in the morning before she does anything else.

4. Drink water first to rehydrate

  • After a night of 7-8 hours of sleep, our bodies can be in a state of mild dehydration. Before reaching for that coffee mug, try having a glass or two of water to rehydrate like Lauren O’Connor, and Sarah Pflugradt of Salubrious RD.
  • Take some advice from Lauren Harris-Pincus and start your day off with hot lemon water.
  • Keeping a water bottle on your nightstand like Shelly, RD behind Skinny Louisiana is another great reminder to get water in first thing.

5. Positive affirmations

  • Mindset is everything! It might sound cheesy, but giving yourself a peptalk or reciting words of affirmation are both ways to start the day off on a positive note.
  • Take a tip from Shannon Aleise Garcia and type up some positive affirmations on your cell phone alarm. Even something as simple as waking up to a motivating phrase, Bible verse, or quote such as ‘You got this'” can set you up for success.
  • Employ music! Dayle Hayes, RD behind School Meals That Rock, recommends setting one of your favorite songs as the ringtone on your alarm to start your day off on the right note.


6. Eat breakfast

  • Breakfast doesn’t have to be an elaborate sit-down meal, but it should include a good source of protein, fiber and healthy fats. Having each these components in your morning meal will help you fuel up for a productive day.
  • No time for a full meal? No problem! Even something as simple as a glass of milk, handful of nuts, and a piece of fruit will provide you with the protein, healthy fats and fiber you need for a filling morning meal.
  • Elizabeth Shaw enjoys including fresh fruits like pineapple and antioxidant-boosting berries in her breakfast as a natural energy-booster.


I talked about how to be a morning person a little more on abc 33/40 a few days ago.

Are you a morning person?

Do you have any tried and true hacks that you utilize to help you wake up in the morning?

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