How to Make Baked Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven

Because a watched pot never boils… make hard cooked eggs (aka hard boiled eggs) in your oven. They peel like a dream!

How to Hard Cook Eggs in the Oven


If you’ve ever wondered how to make hard cooked eggs in the oven, just follow these 4 easy steps. You’ll get the perfect eggs every time that are easy to peel and don’t have that yucky grey/green ring around the yolk. Because oven temperatures and taste preferences vary, make sure to test bake some eggs in the oven to find the perfect temp and time for you. (I like baking at 325F for 23 minutes but the girls like the yolks a little more done so I usually bake for 25 minutes.)

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Cooking Hack: How to Cook Eggs in the Oven

  1. Bake Eggs In the Oven

Place eggs in a dry muffin tin in a preheated oven. I vary between 325 degrees F and 350 degrees F but it will be important for you to find the best temperature based on the doneness you prefer. I bake at either 350 degrees for 22 minutes or 325 degrees for 25 minutes. Note that you do not need to fill up the muffin cups with water or spray with cooking spray.


2. Cool Eggs in a Ice Bath

Once eggs have baked, transfer them to a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes. This will stop the cooking process and prevent the eggs from overcooking. Note that the eggs may have brown spots on the shell after baking. Also, the egg may have a small brown spot where it set in the pan.


3. How to Perfectly Peel Eggs

Crack one of the eggs gently on the counter on gently peel off. You’ll be amazed how easily the shell peels off! And here’s a pro tip – use eggs that have been in your fridge for at least a week. They also peel better.

4. How to Use Hard Cooked Eggs in Recipes

Enjoy these eggs as is, chopped over a salad, sliced onto toast, deviled, or whichever way you prefer. One thing is for sure though, you’ll never go back to the water boiling method again!

To note…each egg will have a tiny brown spot on it where it sat in the pan. That is nothing to worry about!


How do you make your eggs? Do you have a favorite egg recipe? Please share in the comments!!

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How to make perfect hard cooked eggs in the oven, from Holley Grainger


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