How to Organize Face Masks for Back to School

Whether your child will be returning to school this fall or not, they will still need face masks when venturing out of the house. Use this clever solution to keep clean face masks organized and your children accountable for remembering to grab their own mask before heading out the door.

How to Keep Clean Face Masks Organized

How to Organize Face Masks 

We enter our exit our house through the garage so rather than keep our face masks jumbled in my purse or in a zip top bag or thrown all over the car, I decided to find a way to keep us organized. 

I installed two tie racks (ORDER WHAT I HAVE HERE) behind the basement door in our garage for clean face coverings to hang. There are places to hang our gators (these are the ones we LOVE), masks with homemade lanyards and masks without. Right now, each of the girls have their own rack (and allow me to hang my clean masks on with theirs from time to time). However, I think I will likely install one more rack for Brent and I to use.

How to Organize Clean Face Masks


How Many Masks Does Each Person Need?

I haven’t seen a hard and fast recommendation for how many masks a person needs each day but I know that it is suggested to throw away disposable masks or wash cloth masks after each wear. Currently, I’m planning on each girl heading to school with a mask on their lanyard and an extra (clean) mask in a zip top bag in their book bag. Since Frances prefers gators to keep her glasses from fogging, I will likely send both a gator and a mask in her book bag. Right now, there is so much unknown but that is currently the plan.  

I’m also hoping to have at least 5 masks for each daughter so I don’t have to wash new ones each day. Again, we may need more or we may find that one particular style works better than others so I’m keeping my options open.


How to Not Wear a Gator
How to Not Wear a Gator


Catch Dirty Clothes at the Door

In addition to keeping face masks with in reach as we exit, I have set up a laundry drop for dirty masks and clothes before entering the house. The current plan is that the girls will strip from their uniforms after school, drop them in the hamper and go upstairs to shower. Is that overkill? Maybe? Only time will tell. However, at the moment, this is what Brent does every day when he returns home from work so it may just become a new habit. 

How to Organize Face Masks for Back to School


How are you planning on handling masks and dirty school clothes? I would love more ideas. I think right now with all of the stress and anxiety, the more we can crowd source and help each other, the better!

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How to Organize Clean Face Masks


How to sanitize backpacks, books and folders from school?

In addition to dirty facemasks and uniforms, I’m also wondering how we’re going to handle keeping backpacks and what’s packed into them (folders, books, pencils, etc) clean. We currently have some built in lockers in our basement where the girls hang their backpacks. My plan is to continue to place the backpacks here after school (versus bringing them upstairs) in an effort to keep school germs out of the house. Because Lysol spray is a premium (and something we haven’t owned in 6 months), I will likely wipe the bags down with a Clorox wipe and wash them on the weekend. 

Depending on the setup of your home, I think Command hooks hung in the garage, basement or laundry room are a good option for keeping them out of your kitchen. 

What is your plan? I’m thinking through this now so be on the lookout for more another blog on this topic ASAP. 


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Leak Proof, BPA Free Water Bottles for School

Our school requires clear plastic water bottles. In an effort to keep from having to wash a new water bottle every day, I ordered both girls their own set of 5 water bottles. On Sunday, we make sure that each bottle is filled and in the fridge so that they can grab their water bottle on the way out the door each morning. 

I love the variety of colors and patterns and find that they can easily be mixed and match. PLUS, they can go in the dishwasher which is a HUGE win for me! 

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What other back to school favorites do you have? Share them in the comments below!