On-the-Go Snack Box Ideas

 Let me show you how easy it is to pack your favorite foods into a simple

snack box for when you’re on the go!

Summer Snack Box Ideas - for the lake

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We’re one month into summer break and already I feel like the majority of my midday meals and snacks have been eaten away from home. I usually try to throw a few snacks in my purse for the girls in case they get the munchies but rarely (if ever) do I pack something for me. In fact, I’ve found myself making runs into the gas station to grab something fast (and not always nutritious) to stave off the hangries between play dates and pool parties. However, all of that changed when I was introduced to the new product Infusions from Chicken of the Sea.

Summer Snack Box - Thai Chili Infusions

I’ve always been a fan of tuna and enjoy it for lunch when I’m home. However, I usually don’t think of it as a snack to eat when I’m out and about. What’s so great about Infusions is that they are convenient and easy to throw in a purse or bag to eat at any time of day. I usually try to eat snacks that are rich in protein, healthy fat and fiber to keep me feeling full and energized. Therefore, I like pairing these single serve tuna cups with carrots or whole wheat crackers. Each flavor-packed cup has at least 20 grams of protein and even includes a fork for convenience. Try pairing your Lemon & Thyme, Thai Chili, Basil or Sundried Tomato Infusions with flavorful crackers, fill in a lettuce cup or scoop with pita chips or crunchy veggie sticks for a healthy summer snack.

Snacks on the go

On-the-Go Snacks

You know how much I love lunchboxes so I’ve started packing a snack box for the days when I know I’m going to be away. Whether I’m traveling, working away from home or spending the afternoon with the girls at the pool, I’m now prepared when hunger strikes. These little boxes are a quick snack to make and can be as simple or as extravagant as you’re feeling. What you pack and where you’re going may warrant a lunch bag with an ice pack but otherwise, a small bento box is all you need to create an easy take-along mini meal. (Shop for some of my favorites!)

On the Go Snack Box - Lemon and Thyme Infusions

How to Create a Summer Snack Box

To create a snack box, aim for a mix of fruit, veggies, whole grain and a protein source (ie. Infusions!). These are such easy snacks to make so gather your favorite foods, toss them together and get ready to go! Here are a few on-the-go snack combos that I’ve loved lately:

Infusion Lemon & Thyme, Carrots, Blueberries, Hummus

Plantain Chips, Grapes, Sugar Snap Peas, Infusions Thai Chili

Infusions Basil, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber Slices, Pretzels

Crackers, Cherries, Celery, Infusions Sun Dried Tomato

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Summer Snack Box Ideas from Holley Grainger

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