Simple and Healthy Easter Swaps

Below are a few of my favorite simple and healthy Easter swaps for making Easter baskets, recipes and treats better for you, easier, and certainly fun and delicious.

(Note–many of these goodies were featured on my local station, ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama. Unfortunately, the clip is no longer online. However, I hope you’ll still enjoy all of the ideas!!)

Easter Basket Chocolate Swap

High quality dark chocolate isn’t a bad thing at all and I’m not saying to forego some of your favorites. However, swap out “chocolate flavored candy” like this for nutrient-rich chocolate milk. It’s packed with calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Kids love it and gives them that chocolate fix that they crave.


Lightened Up Southern Egg Salad Swap

Swap plain Greek yogurt in place of mayo to boost the nutrition while keeping the creamy consistency of your favorite egg salad. Greek yogurt has on average 10 grams of protein per cup which is something that mayo can’t offer. Serve my Lightened Up Southern Egg Salad as a crostini on arugula, stuffed in a sandwich, or as is with crackers or cucumber slices.



Breakfast Pastries

Skip the greasy, fatty pastries and jelly-filled donuts and choose delicious and flavor-packed whole wheat English muffin or scones with fruit preserves, fresh fruit, and a glass of milk for a beautiful and springy Easter morning menu.



Plastic Easter Eggs

What do you stuff in your Easter eggs? Scale down on the candy and try some of these fun ideas that I shared on TV yesterday. I hit the bulk bins at Sprouts Farmers Market to find almost all of these favorites. Best part was that I could buy exactly the amount I needed for a very low price. Dried cranberries, various trail mixes, wasabi peas, cashews, and more!



Natural Easter Egg Dye

If you’re looking for more healthy Easter swaps, check out this fun hack roundup by Teaspoon of Spice, 7 Awesome Hacks for Making Easter Eggs, including how to make natural, chemical-free Easter egg dye (featured in this segment). I used vegetables and spices like red cabbage, beets and turmeric and coffee to naturally dye Easter eggs instead of the dye pellets. Check out my video above to hear more about my method.


Do you have any favorite Easter swaps? Share them in the comments!