As if a skewer full of marshmallows wasn’t fun enough, these “pops” transform 3 marshmallows and a few other yummy ingredients into an adorable and delicious snowman.



Snowman Marshmallow Pops
Serves: 8
  • 24 large marshmallows
  • 8 “cake pop” sticks
  • 1 fruit strip
  • pretzels
  • 16 candy eyes
  • 8 candy corns
  • mini chocolate chips
  • white icing
  1. Place cake pop sticks into 3 large marshmallows. Cut 2 small slits in the 2nd marshmallow for the pretzel arms and 1 slit in the middle of the 1st for the candy corn nose.
  2. Slice a fruit strip into 8 thin slices. These will be the snowman’s scarves.
  3. Using a sharp knife, cut pretzels into stick pieces for arms.
  4. Add candy eyes to the snowman using white icing as glue. Using either white icing or melted chocolate secure chocolate chip eyes, mouth, and buttons.
  5. Add scarf, pretzel arms, and candy corn nose to finish.

* Tip: To help prevent the large marshmallow from slipping down the stick place a small marshmallow or a large marshmallow cut into small pieces underneath.

* Tip: Floral foam works great to hold the sticks.