Healthy Spring Snacks and Treats for Kids

Celebrate the season with these easy and adorable healthy spring snacks and treats for kids featuring fresh produce and fun ideas.



As the seasons change and more produce comes into season, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce more fruits and veggies to your child. While it is always easy to serve whole fruit, when the time allows, I love to bring the girls into the kitchen with me to get creative. The healthy spring snacks shared below are delicious options for all ages. Whether you’re rolling a banana in yogurt and cereal to create a caterpillar or adorning a fruit pizza with your family’s favorites, these spring snacks are sure to please the entire family. 

Do you have a favorite springtime recipe you like to make with your children? Share in the comments! I would love to hear more about what you’re making!

Healthy Spring Snacks for Kids

Healthy Spring Snacks and Treats for Kids

Healthy Fruit Pizza from Cleverful Living

healthy spring snacks: Healthy Fruit Pizza from Holley Grainger


The Bagel Butterfly from Super Healthy Kids

healthy spring snack: Bagel Butterfly Snack


Real Fruit Soda from Real Mom Nutrition

Real Fruit Soda


Fruit and Waffle Flower Garden from Cleverful Living

Fruit and Waffle Flower Garden


Berry Lemon Whipped Yogurt Parfaits from Recipe Runner



Mini Carrot Cake Pancakes from Cleverful Living

Easter Brunch and Snack: Mini Carrot Cake Pancakes with Vanilla Greek Frosting from Holley Grainger - Image of five cakes stacked on a white plate with icing drizzle


 Frozen Fruit Sundae Cones from HGTV

Frozen Fruit Sundae Cones


Individual Spring Veggie Cups from Cleverful Living

Individual Spring Veggie Hummus Cups


Spring Fruit Kebabs from One Little Project

Spring Fruit Kebabs


Spring Rolls Easter Platter from Super Healthy Kids

Spring Rolls Easter Platter


Banana Caterpillar from Cleverful Living

Banana Caterpillar


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Healthy Spring Snacks for Kids


Will you be making any of these adorable sweets and treats with your children? Make sure to share in the comments or tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #cleverfulliving.


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