The Super Bowl kicks off Sunday but do you know what you’ll be serving your guests? Today, I paired with Sprouts Farmers Market and True Story Foods on ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama to share my favorite Super Bowl appetizers and recipe tips that won’t break the bank or bulge your waistband.

Now let’s get started with 5 of my favorite recipes and ideas:

Gourmet Popcorn Bar

There are many things about Sprouts that I love but one thing I particularly nerd out over when grocery shopping is their bulk bins. They’re loaded with nuts, seeds, grains, chocolate-covered everything, dried fruit, spices, granolas, and more. Best of all, the prices can’t be beat! This is where I always go to buy my almonds and cashews.

When I decided to create a Gourmet Popcorn Bar for the segment (and for Super Bowl appetizers, upcoming birthday parties, cocktail parties, etc.), I knew that I had to hit the bins at Sprouts because they would save me time, money, and peace of mind.

Since mindless eating and Super Bowl appetizers and snacks essentially go hand-in-hand (just being honest…), I thought air-popped with some fun add-ins would certainly be a better but just as tasty option to heavy dips and chips.

To set up your Gourmet Popcorn Bar, either pop your own or buy air-popped popcorn then pair with a variety of sweet and savory toppings. You can also add dried or fresh herbs and spices (sweet, salty, and savory) as well as drizzles such as truffle oil, maple syrup, caramel sauce, or tabasco sauce.

The stir-in options are as endless as there are cute ways to present this idea. I found these little boxes and bags at World Market but think if you wanted to work ahead a little, you could preload popcorn into mason jars (with lids to keep it fresh) and then set up the toppings right before your event begins. Whatever you choose, you’re guests are sure to be wowed!


Mini Rosemary Chicken and Waffles

Something else I appreciate about Sprouts is their very low, affordable prices for the very high quality ingredients. For example, their organic selection across the board is fabulous but when you match the price to other grocery stores carrying similar or the same products, you’ll be amazed at your savings.

Recipe: Mini Rosemary Chicken and Waffles.

True Story Foods

My family loves deli meat (especially ham and turkey) so I’m always keeping an eye open and an ear out for products and brands that are higher quality (yet still affordable) since deli meats often get a bad wrap. I was introduced to True Story Foods recently, a very young company that launched in Sprouts across the country THIS WEEK and haven’t stopped eating it since my samples arrived. In fact, the girls have brought either their ham or turkey to school in their lunchbox almost every day.

True Story caught my attention immediately when I noticed their very clean label and their dedication to “feeding families food we can feel good about.” Their focus on producing sustainable food and raising healthy and happy animals is so important and certainly a direction that many brands are striving to move towards. It’s exciting that they are already there. And, of course, their products taste delicious so I’m pumped to have them so close to home at my local Birmingham Sprouts.


Ham Sandwich Lettuce Wraps

If you were ever to peak in my window at lunchtime, odds are every few days you’ll see that my lunch is ham, cheese, and maybe some hummus wrapped up in lettuce. Granted, it rarely (or ever) looks this pretty but I thought that amplifying True Story’s Wildflower Honey and Maple Ham into an appetizer that could feed a crowd this concept would be perfect in a little pick-up lettuce wrap. Plus, butter lettuce has a very mild flavor so the ham becomes the star and isn’t hidden by the bread.

To make these sandwiches, I simply used a butter lettuce leaf and then layered the ingredients down the center including ham, cheese, and a pickle and then tying closed with a chive.


Italian Sausage Skewers

My family grills out various sausages and vegetables quite often at the lake during the summer as an appetizer. After Dad takes it off the grill, he slices it into rounds, puts everything on a platter with toothpicks and serves with mustard, BBQ sauce and other dipping sauces. I always end up layering flavors and ingredients so I thought that skewering True Foods Organic Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage with fresh basil, mozzarella cubes and roasted red pepper would almost taste like lasagna on a stick. Plus, they stand up on their own and are just too cute!


Farmers’ Market Hot Dog

There aren’t many people that associate wanting to eat “healthy” while watching the Super Bowl but what if I said you could have a hot dog while you do it? And not just any hot dog but a 100% beef hot dog? In an effort to pile in more veggies while that “mindless eating” is taking place, I’ve loaded these organic, uncured grassfed hot dogs with the “healthy stuff” like grilled zucchini, roasted red pepper strips, avocado, and fresh basil. You can easily top with what you have on-hand or even left over like grilled onions, carrots, and radishes.


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Disclosure: I was compensated by Sprouts Farmers Market and True Story Foods to share their amazing products during a television segment and in this blog. I was happy to do it as I only promote brands and products I trust and believe in. And, as always, all thoughts expressed are my own.