The Christmas Angel: Family

The Christmas Angel: Family

Today we focused on the importance of family and talked about Jesus’ birth on Christmas day. Ellie is very into who goes with who (i.e. Mary is Jesus’ mother and Joseph is his father, etc.) so I played that up quite a bit and talked about how we are all God’s children.

Because I had 2 angels, I thought it also would be a good time to introduce a sister angel and emphasize the importance of being a patient and helpful big sister for Frances. Ellie thought it was VERY cool that Frances now has an angel and reminded me all day about how she has a sister, “Baby Frances,” and her angel has a sister, “Baby Angel.” Obviously, the whole naming bit just hasn’t quite taken off but we’re working on it.

Ellie explaining just how excited she is while Frances tries to escape with her new angel. FAMILY

Please let me know if you are sharing any traditions with your children to help teach them about the true meaning of Christmas. I would love to hear about them!

Also, if you missed Day 1 (SHARE), make sure to check out the post. Stay tuned daily to find out more about our message of the day.

Happy holidays!