The Christmas Angel: Give (and the Feast of St. Nicholas)

The Christmas Angel’s message for the day was GIVE in honor of the Feast of St. Nicholas

Today is the Feast of St. Nicholas so the girls left their shoes outside their bedroom doors in the hopes that St. Nicholas would come and leave a treat in their shoes overnight. I also read The Christmas Angel book and then tied together how St. Nicholas was an extremely compassionate, kind, and generous man from long ago (~400AD) that gave gifts to children in need. In fact, this great bishop was so compassionate and focused on charity that he is the basis for Santa Claus.

Ever since I was a little girl, my family celebrated the Catholic tradition of leaving shoes out on the eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas. (Feast is Dec 6 so shoes out in the evening on Dec 5.) I’ll never forget that one year I snuck out and peaked early when it was still very dark outside and I thought there was a puppy in my shoes. Instead, it was a purple My Little Pony.

Ellie & Frances leaving out their shoes for St. Nicholas Ellie & Frances are excited about their gifts from St. Nicholas as well as the message from their angels: GIVE

The girls loved the treats from St. Nicholas and the fact that he and The Christmas Angels were in cahoots! It was the perfect opportunity to reiterate the story of a very good person that helped children that didn’t have as many nice things as we have and that later today we would go shopping to buy Christmas presents for children that are also in need.

Frances loves Halos

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