The Christmas Angel: Make

The Christmas Angel: Make

Arts and crafts…not really my thing. I love to do them but I am terrible at them! As you can see from my lovely index card messages, I try but my skills are weak! Who knew that ones handwriting in glitter could be as bad as in real life (and look just like my regular handwriting) but astonishingly, it is.

Quite pumped to play with glitter and glue (Daddy’s favorite things!)

I have been promising Ellie that we would make ornaments or do something crafty so I decided to that today’s word would be MAKE. I’m pretty sure the main lesson that came out of today was that the Christmas Angel loves glitter but, hey, maybe she does. I was going to try to pull the whole star, nativity, angel theme together but her attention was shot and she was ready to take her new treasures to the kitchen so we could make something.

MAKE-ing pictures (“ormanents”) for Nonna and GranMa Sallye

Once the allure of the glitter toned down, we were able to talk about how fun it is to make things for people that we love to show them that we care. In the picture above, I made a tree out of glue and she’s making it “sparkly for Nonna.” She told me that her “ormanents” were going to make her grandmothers happy. Score 1 for Mommy! I felt good knowing she got her little lesson for the day.

And in other news…Frances is obsessed with Cheerios! (Check out the background of her picture. She hoards them in little piles along her tray.)

Check back tomorrow for another fun Christmas Angel (for toddlers) post!