The Christmas Angel: Pray

Ellie breaking into prayer as we discussed the importance of prayer during Advent and Christmas. PRAY

Since today is Sunday, I thought PRAY would be an appropriate word for our angels’ message of the day (Frances’ angel joined in on the fun today too). Ellie immediately recognized the children’s beginner bible (from her bookshelf), opened it, and started telling me about some of the characters in it. Now, before you’re completely impressed that she is well-versed in scripture, I must confess that the Big Bad Wolf had top billing in all of her stories (although, hey, he can hang out with Adam and Eve too!).

We talked about praying and the importance of taking time to talk to God to thank him for our many blessing and to ask him to watch over us. We talked about how we pray at church and how she’ll pray at Sunday school today but also how we can pray throughout the day at all times, especially when we’re scared or worried or when we’re very happy and want to share good news with God. At this point, she started praying in her low, quiet and serious “prayer voice” and I got so tickled at her random thoughts that I had to snap today’s picture.

Ellie’s prayer:
“Dear God, thank you for the lawn. Please make Daddy feel better. God, I still have a booboo on my finger. One time I threw up at the doctor’s office and at Nonna’s house. Amen.”

You have to love the innocence of a child!

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