The Christmas Angel: Sing

Ellie showing me how she sings at Kindermusik–SING

Kindermusik with Nonna is today so Ellie’s Christmas Angel decided that SING would be the perfect word of the day. This morning, we discussed how singing is a form of praying (yesterday’s word) and that we can sing our favorite songs as a way to talk to God. My family, especially my mom and my cousin, Cami, sings A LOT and often will sing random things we just make up as we’re doing it (ask my husband–I’m always breaking into random song). Ellie has gotten that gene and always has a tune on her lips.

Her favorite lately has been what she calls “Santa Sings the ABCs”…(to the tune of ABCD…)
ABC Ho Ho Ho Ho
ABC Ho Ho Ho Ho

What can I say, she’s talented!

We also discussed how Christmas carols are prayers to God and are stories about Jesus’ birth. I tried to break down a few lyrics to Silent Night and Away in a Manger but I think I lost her (she just wanted to sing).

Ellie’s Sunday school teacher told me yesterday that she did well in class and especially loved the singing and music so my hope is that she’ll really embrace today’s message and it will “click” that she can communicate to God through song.

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Can I sing a prayer for you today?