The Christmas Angel: Smile

The Christmas Angel: SMILE

Ellie is obsessed with gold chocolate coins (aka chocolate gold doubloons) so I knew that a smiley-faced cgd would certainly elicit a smile this morning. And sure enough, it worked! The combo of the stickers, the chocolate, and the angel’s new glue that didn’t quite dry before standing it up resulting in glitter all of there angel and the table was more than she could handle!

Studying her smiley-faced chocolate gold doubloon

My plan was that Ellie would be able take the stickers to the school, the grocery store, dance class, etc. and pass them out to make people smile. The other idea was that we would give “smiles” to people who smile at us or make our life a little easier–a thank you, if you will.

Well, let’s face it. Life and a terrible cold got in my way today so we weren’t able to share our smiles. But, tomorrow will be a much better day for distributing smiles since the girls are out of school and we’ll be out and about running errands. Stay tuned for an update on how the smile distribution goes.

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