Upcycled Carrying Case (for Barbie)

Need a way to easily transport your child’s dolls or toys? Use a divided wine bag to create a lightweight and portable upcycled carrying case.

Okay, so no food in this post but if you’re like me, you hate getting rid of things that could be used for something else. Enter the upcycled Barbie (or any other toy or doll that easily gets tangled) carrying case!

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On a recent trip to hang out with GranMa Sallye for the day, Ellie asked to bring her Barbies with her so that they could play. I initially pulled out one of my many recyclable grocery bags to stuff them all in but I then saw our wine bag and thought I would give it a shot. Perfection! Mommy gained brilliant status for a few minutes. Ellie loved that each Barbie had her own “dressing room” and, best of all, she didn’t have to stress out about them being smashed together in a grocery bag.

So maybe we are the worst parents in the world for taking a wine bag from our family store, Contri Brothers, to use as a Barbie transporter, but it worked and it kept everything tidy and organized.

Do you have favorite tips and tricks for organizing your toys? Let me know because I am ALWAYS looking for help and suggestions!

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