29 thoughts on “31 Healthy Kid-Friendly Lunchbox Ideas

    1. Oh good! I hope it helps with some ideas for G! The serving sizes are estimates and, of course, food comes home now and then but hopefully it will give you some inspiration. Feel free to share with other mommy friends!

    1. Thanks, Lindsey. I really like the layered square container I’ve been using recently that allows me to put larger foods on the bottom and then has 3 small containers on top. I want to find some type of Bento for next year. The containers are the perfect size for the girls but keeping up with so many lids can be a pain! If you find a Bento you love, please let me know! One container may make life a bit easier!

  1. I love that you have a mix of homemade and store bought items! I’ve been keeping track of my son’s toddler dinners for this very reason… inspiration for myself and others out there! I always forget what I’ve fed him so it’s nice to have a reference for those “where’s my brain” mom days!! Can’t wait to share this with my readers!

  2. I like your point about capitalizing on kids sometimes being more adventurous when they’re away from home–a good thing to keep in mind when packing. Lots of great ideas here, and it’s nice to seeing packed lunch ideas for toddlers.

  3. These are not only great healthy lunch ideas for little ones, but these happen to be fun too! 🙂 I think my 3 year old daughter would probably eat better at lunch if I started doing something like this. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful collection! I have 2 kids that I always prepare lunch for and this would be so helpful. Pinned. 🙂

  5. I love your combinations. My son only eats like 20 things, so I feel stomped where to start A LOT of the time. This all looks so good… I love your thinking !

  6. Do you send the chicken nuggets, spaghetti, Mac n cheese, etc to school cold? My toddler won’t eat certain foods cold and I want him to have a hot lunch especially during the winter.

    1. I do but they are able to heat it up for them at their school so that has been very helpful. If that isn’t an option, there are containers that will help to keep hot foods hots.

  7. Love this! I am a preshool teacher in a room of young one year olds & these are the kind of well balanced, healthy meals that I wish more parents would send! I also love that you pack them such a great variety of foods! I think sometimes parents don’t realize that toddlers don’t always want the same 3 foods every day & mixing it up can definitely help toddlers develop better eating habits for the future.


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