For a fast weeknight meal that uses only 4 ingredients, Shrimp & Pesto Pasta is a definite go-to. It uses prepared pesto and refrigerated pasta to cut down on prep time so you can get your meal on the table fast with minimal cleanup. (And really, what’s not to love about that!)

Shrimp and Pesto Pasta

You know, delicious meals don’t have to be difficult. Some of the tastiest recipes are the simplest. Take for example this Shrimp and Pesto Pasta. It uses just 4 ingredients and cooks up in under 20 minutes. Using easily-available fresh parsley and basil, homemade pesto is truly one of the most delicious sauces/condiments you can make to flavor just about any meal. But for those of us that don’t have the time or resources to make fresh pesto then sometimes the next best thing is purchasing it fresh from a specialty market or from the grocery store. And, of course, buying a commercial product isn’t bad either (I’m all about no bad foods!!) just make sure to read the nutrition facts panel and the ingredient list to make your decision on choosing the best product.

4-Ingredient Shrimp and Pesto Pasta from Holley Grainger

Also to note in this recipe that you can easily substitute zucchini noodles for the linguine to cut back on the calories and add more nutrition to the meal. (PS: If you love zoodles like I do then don’t miss my Greek Zoodle Salad for a light and fresh lunch or side.)

Do you have a favorite, no-fail simple meal that you turn to for a quick weeknight dinner? If so, share it with me! I love fast and easy recipes!

4-Ingredient Shrimp and Pesto Pasta from Holley Grainger


4-Ingredient Shrimp and Pesto Pasta!!

4-Ingredient Shrimp and Pesto Pasta, from Holley Grainger


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