Alphabet Lunchbox: Lunchbox Ideas from A-Z

Help your children learn their ABCs with these alphabet lunchbox ideas that feature yummy foods from A to Z that encourage both learning and fun.

Alphabet Lunchbox

Lunchboxes have become my things since I began packing them for Ellie many years ago. In an effort to break the monotony, I try to find ways to have some fun while also combining learning. That’s why I took at stab at tackling the alphabet in a #healthylittlelunchbox series on Instagram.

Check them out here:


Let’s dive in to each of the a-z lunchbox ideas so you’ll know exactly how the series fared. Let me tell you, trying to find healthy lunchbox ideas that fit into the alphabet isn’t easy. Think through letters Q, X, and Z–TOUGH!

Letters A – E

Alphabet Lunchbox letters A-E

A: Asparagus

B: Berries

C: Cereal

D: Dip (hummus)

E: Eggs (hard-cooked)


Letters F – J

Alphabet Lunchbox letters F-J

F: Fruit salad

G: Green beans

H: Ham

I: Iced cookie

J: Jasmine Rice


Letters K – P

Alphabet Lunchbox letters K-P

K: Kiwi

L: Lettuce

M: Meatballs

N: Noodles

O: Oat Cereal

P: Pineapple


Letters Q – U

Alphabet Lunchbox letters Q-U

Q: Quiche

R: Raspberries

S: String cheese

T: Turkey

U: Unsalted pistachios


Letters: V – Z

Alphabet Lunchbox letters V-Z

V: Vermont cheddar

W: Wafflewich (with turkey, lettuce and apples)

X: X and O love note

Y: Yogurt (half and half strawberry and plain Greek yogurt)

Z: Zebra Chocolate Bark


More Alphabet Lunchbox Ideas on the Way!

Live I said, I had quite a time finding foods to fit a few letters so I would love to hear your ideas for some of the trickier ones. I’m hoping to repeat the alphabet lunchbox series with Frances now that she is in preschool.


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Lunchbox Ideas from A - Z from Holley Grainger