From A-Z, these alphabet lunchbox ideas will help our little ones learn their letters while having fun with food.

Alphabet Lunchbox

Lunchboxes have become my things since I began packing them a few years ago for Ellie to bring to school. In an effort to break the monotony, I started thinking about some fun ways to combine learning with what she eats for lunch and decided tackling the alphabet in a series of lunchbox posts on Instagram may just be the way. I had quite a time finding foods to fit a few letters so I would love for you to leave ideas for some of the tricky ones in the comments since I hope to repeat the series with totally new foods sometime this year.

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Letters A – E

A: Asparagus

B: Berries

C: Cereal

D: Dip (hummus)

E: Eggs (hard-cooked)


Letters F – J

F: Fruit salad

G: Green beans

H: Ham

I: Iced cookie

J: Jasmine Rice


Letters K – P

K: Kiwi

L: Lettuce

M: Meatballs

N: Noodles

O:Oat Cereal


Letters Q – U

Q: Quiche

R: Raspberries

S: String cheese

T: Turkey

U: Unsalted pistachios


Letters: V – Z

V: Vermont cheddar

W: Wafflewich (with turkey, lettuce and apples)

X: X and O love note

Y: Yogurt (half and half strawberry and plain Greek yogurt)

Z: Zebra Chocolate Bark

Recipe Redux

If you’re a lunchbox packer either for yourself or for a child then I know you’ll love the lunch recipes below from my fellow healthy food bloggers. This month’s theme for The Recipe Redux is all about sharing creative ideas for packing a healthy lunch. I hope you find some inspiration from the recipes below!