Beef and Butternut Squash Chili is packed with big flavor in just one-pot thanks to sweet butternut squash, smoky roasted red peppers, and spicy chili beans

The beauty of this recipe is that it IS possible to make a flavor-packed chili in less than 45 minutes. Of course, you can simmer longer to allow the flavors more time to marry but if you’re like my crew, sometimes it is just too hard to wait!

Clever Shortcuts

With 2 little ones, I understand that sometimes taking shortcuts is key to dinnertime success. Here are a few ways that you can do a little prep ahead to make this butternut squash chili come together even faster:

  • Purchase precut butternut squash cubes or frozen butternut squash cube.
  • Cube butternut squash (here’s a great tutorial if you aren’t sure how to do that), chop onions, and drain (and rinse if called for) beans, peppers and chilis ahead of time.
  • Make a double batch and freeze leftovers in 1-2 cup servings so it is easy to grab and reheat a serving or two of chili on a busy weeknight.
  • Sub ground turkey, ground chicken, meatless soy crumbles or ground pork for beef, if desired.
  • If you like a thinner chili, add a bottle of beer to the mix.


Do you have a favorite chili recipe? Share it in the comments!