Behind-the-Scenes Milk Life Video Shoot

I had the pleasure of producing and hosting a video shoot in Birmingham last week for my client, Milk Life. From securing a location to gaining script approval from the USDA to finding the perfect crew to guzzling 5 cups of milk in a 30 minute period, the entire experience was so much fun!

I can’t wait to share the links when they’re live in the new year but until then, check out some photos from behind-the-scenes.

Tiny Mary Clayton Carl trying to stuff the top of the banana costume with paper to keep it from flopping over 6’4″ tall Mike’s head.

Giving “Todd” a sip of milk for some potassium since, obviously, bananas don’t have arms to drink it themselves.

Mike’s very impressive staged fall. However, this photo looks like I’m being attacked by a giant banana.

Talking the benefits of protein in milk.

Getting the lights set for shooting Mike lifting weights on the counter. Note that they secured the marble counter underneath just to be safe. #HappyHomeowners

A look out from behind the counter. Shooting a wide shot and a tight on Mike.

Ready to dig in to our milk and broccoli. Mike ate at least a few cups of raw broccoli and I drank at least 5 cups of milk (chugged 1 cup per take). Hey, we got the shot(s) though!

Quick shot out the window of the set up by our amazing grips. It was a very overcast day and started getting dark around 3:30 in the afternoon. They lit the window from the outside so all 4 videos had consistent lighting. We had the most amazing grip and crew!!

Sardines Take 1: Upon opening the can of sardines, we knew this wasn’t what we were hoping for. The look and smell of these guys was one of shear nastiness. What happened to the cute skinny fishies with their heads on? This looked like shark bait.

Sardines Take 2, 3, 4 and 5: After calling every gourmet market, Mediterranean restaurant, and grocery store in town and finding out that no one carried sardines with the heads on, we just bought everything the grocery store carried.

Who knew there were so many varieties of canned sardines. Our fearless stylist, Mary Clayton, is checking them all out.

Here’s what we ended up using. A much better option!

Fishing for some vitamin D. Thankfully, no sardines were harmed in the making of this video.

Getting the beauty shot…bouncing light off our sardine plate and glass of milk.

As you can see, we had quit an amazing crew. I can’t thank the following people enough for their help in making a remarkable day of shooting happen:

Arik Sokol, Director/Co-Producer

Bear Praytor, Director of Photography

Ben Greer, Key Grip

Chris Hilleke, Camera Op

Mary Clayton Carl, Stylist

Kerri Bunn, Makeup Stylist
Jeremy Burns, Audio

Mike Cunliffe, Talent

Jessica Chriesman, Production Assistant

Stay tuned for the video links!