Turn up the heat at your tailgate with spicy Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

Enjoy the flavor of traditional buffalo wings (plus celery and carrots, of course) as bite-sized pinwheels. Best of all, you can make the wraps a day ahead then slice when ready to serve. These are a fun twist on traditional buffalo chicken wings and, a favorite in our household, buffalo chicken dip.

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Combine softened cream cheese and blue cheese and spread evenly on tortillas.

Combine chicken with buffalo wing sauce (I like Frank’s wing sauce!). Sprinkle tortillas evenly with chicken, carrots and celery leaving some cream cheese mixture around the edges to help keep the tortillas sealed once rolled. Roll up each tortilla tightly and wrap in plastic wrap.


When ready to eat, slice tortillas into pinwheels. Serve with additional buffalo sauce for dipping.

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Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wraps, from Holley Grainger