Swap your traditional oatmeal for barley in this heart-healthy, fiber-rich breakfast barley. This cinnamon and apple hot cereal is a welcome morning meal on a cold day.

Each month I participate in a monthly recipe challenge with fellow registered dietitians called The Recipe Redux. This month we were asked to choose an ingredient in our pantry or fridge that was in need of a little love and attention.

A few months ago, a client asked me to develop a warm breakfast cereal recipe using a grain other than oatmeal. After quite a bit of thinking, researching, digging in my pantry, and perusing the grocery store aisles, I decided to make a hearty breakfast porridge using barley. The barley in my pantry had certainly been gathering dust since the last time I used it was the summer of 2014. When I read the description of this challenge, I immediately thought about my client’s special recipe request and adapted a new breakfast barley recipe to fit the criteria.

Because this barley recipe is so versatile, it is also the perfect inclusion into my Recipes You Know By Heart series. Essentially, if you can follow the directions on the box to cook barley then you can create any flavor combo you desire. I love pairing apples and cinnamon together but you could easily adapt this fiber-rich recipe to use sweet summer berries, peanut butter and bananas, or even make it savory by stirring in tomatoes and basil and topping with a poached egg.

Have you ever tried barley for breakfast? If not, step outside your comfort zone and try this whole grain recipe one morning.

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Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Barley from Holley Grainger

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