Spooky Graveyard Ghost Cups are a nutritious and fun Halloween snack–just don’t tell your little goblins they are eating foods that are good for them!

Halloween is right around the corner. Ditch all of that sugary candy, and try my Spooky Graveyard Ghost Cups. A healthier twist on the classic dirt and worms pudding cups. Instead of pudding, I chose to use a Greek yogurt as the base of my ghost cups. Greek yogurt adds an extra punch of protein and calcium to help your little ones grow strong and healthy. Plain Greek yogurt is the perfect canvas for many recipes because it takes on virtually any flavor. I used plain Greek yogurt, sweetened with honey, but this recipe could just as easily be made with vanilla yogurt. Just don’t use as much honey.

I replaced the worms in my “dirt and worms” with apple bones, clementine pumpkins, and banana ghosts. I did keep the classic Oreo dirt. I used Oreo thins to save some calories and make crushing slightly easier. You can use any kind of chocolate cookie/ graham cracker that you would like.

These Graveyard Ghost Cups are so easy to make and are ready in minutes. Make them for your Halloween party, or as a fun weeknight dessert! You may even find yourself snacking on this addictive Halloween treat. Because really, who doesn’t love a good Halloween trick-or-treat? Especially when the trick is that the treat is packed with wholesome nutrients!

My Spooky Graveyard Ghost Cups are a nutritious and fun Halloween snack or dessert!Click To Tweet

What spooky and delicious treats do you love to serve for Halloween? Share them in the comments below!



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