4 thoughts on “Healthier “Lunchable” Pizza Lunchbox

  1. Looks great Holley. We do this sort of pizza at home a fair bit. We would use off the bone ham here in Australia or some left over roasted chicken. I’ve never heard of Turkey Pepperoni 🙂

    1. Chicken and ham both sound good. I bet Turkey Pepperoni is an American thing! You certainly could use regular pepperoni but I think a BBQ pizza with chicken and BBQ sauce sounds like a tasty option as well!

  2. Great idea! My kids always see the lunchables at the store and beg for them! Every now and again I give in (especially if they’re on sale) and they feel like they’ve had a special treat. But my kids would love these! It’s fun and healthier. Plus, my kids love English muffins!


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