Skip the junk food and long lines at the concession stand junk food and pack your own portable and healthy ballpark snacks like pistachios, yogurt and more.

Last week I shared a guest post from fellow dietitian, Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition, about healthy team snacks for kids to offer after ballgames. Instead of fruity drinks, cookies, and cupcakes, she suggested fresh fruit and vegetables like cups of berries, fruit kebabs, bananas, apples, carrots and raisins. This week I’m adding on to her list and also focusing on healthy ballpark snacks for the spectators since they are the ones often hitting the concession stand for a quick nibble during the game.

10 Healthy Team Snacks

I played travel softball growing up through 8th grade and my younger sister through high school. Many of our weekends were spent at the ball park surrounded by chicken fingers and fries, nachos, soda and candy. While I would be lying if i said that I don’t love a ballpark chicken finger and super salty fries, eating it weekend after weekend and meal after meal just doesn’t contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy Ballpark Snacks

In addition to Sally’s top 10 Healthy Team Snacks, I love these food ideas for a day at the ballpark. They can easily pack in a purse, bag or small portable cooler.


Veggies and Dip: No need to worry about dirty hands digging into a veggie tray or double dippers going back for a second round. It is now very easy to find individual containers of hummus (like Sabra) or guacamole (like Wholly Guacamole) to pair with individual bags of carrots (like Bolthouse Farms) or celery. Instead of nachos, veggies and dip give crunch and flavor (plus a wealth of nutrition) without the added salt, calories and fat.


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Chobani Greek Yogurt Kids Pouches and Tubes: With less than 25% sugar and twice as much protein than the leading kids yogurts, Chobani’s Kids line of Greek yogurt is a healthy and delicious option. They can easily be packed in a small cooler to stay chilled and enjoyed on the go. Plus, parents can feel good knowing this snack helps to fill the nutrient gap by providing calcium and protein and offers children the sweet they are craving but without the guilt of giving too much sugar. Another bonus–Chobani Kids and Tots lines contain no artificial sweetener, flavors or preservatives. We also like to freeze the yogurt tubes for simple and delicious yogurt pops.

Pistachios: Many children suffer from peanut allergies these days so many ballparks are no longer selling peanuts. A delicious substitute which is also one of the lowest calorie and lowest fat nut is pistachios. Pistachios are filling because they boast protein, healthy fat and fiber and compared to just 15 chips, you get 49 pistachios for one serving. I’m a big fan of Wonderful Pistachios for the variety of flavors as well as the portable snack packs.


Mandarin Oranges: Easy to peel, seedless, sweet, and ringing in at just around 50 calories, mandarin oranges like Halo’s are a favorite for the ballpark. I have very vivid memories of gallon-sized bags of oranges slices that my parents would cut and serve our team between games to help rehydrate. Thankfully, little mandarin oranges just saved the team mom and coach tons of time slicing because kids can peel these themselves.

Dried Cranberries: In her post, Sally mentioned raisins but our household also loves dried cranberries like Craisins. Dried fruit is a deliciously sweet alternative to candy because it is naturally sweetened.


What other favorite foods do you like to pack for the ballpark?


Disclosure: I partnered with the Wonderful Company and Chobani to share these healthy snacking tips. All opinions are my own.